Sue Purchase

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Short form interview with Sue Purchase and Rae Eden Frank, items donated by Sue Purchase.


Purchase, Sue

Collection Items

Using Condoms to Prevent HIV Infection and Other STDs
Pamphlet describing correct condom usage and steps to prevent HIV and STDs.

Worker Stances for Chemically Dependent Clients
Educational sheet on how to work with chemically dependent patients.

Education and instructions for different types of treatment, interventions, drug use management, and client advocacy.

Business card for Women With a Point
Business card for Sue Power for Women With a Point.

Sign from Women With a Point bathroom asking clients to properly dispose of needles.

Photograph of two men distributing matchbooks
Two unidentified men distribute matchbooks for Women With a Point.

Seven unidentified individuals of varying ages pose in a group.

An unidentified protester holds an upside down sign that reads "Clean Needles Save Lives."

Educational poster showing a barbie using a syringe that reads "This Woman is a Role Model She's Using a Sterile Syringe."

How to be an Ally to Outdoor/Street Based Sex Workers
Twelve step guide to advocating for and interacting with sex workers positively and effectively.
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