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Frank, Rae Eden

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Don't Get Stuck With AIDS
Informational brochure about AIDS with resources and preventative measures.

Logo design for Access Works! showing a syringe and the words "The Point is Safety."

Blue bumper sticker for Access Works!

This Damn Dirty Needle handout
Educational handout in both Spanish and English about how needles can spread AIDS, Hepatitis, and other diseases.

Access Works! 10 Years of Harm Reduction
Logo for 10th anniversary of access works with two needles crossing on top of a heart. Also complete with roses and melting candle.

Drug Injectors Sharing Cookers and Cotton Increase Their Risk of Hepatitis C
Article about Hepatitis C in drug injectors written for NIDA Notes by Josephine Thomas.

Logo for Access Works!
Hand-drawn logo for Access Works!

Access Works! Harm Reduction Services Annual Report
Cover page for the 2005 Annual Report for Access Works!

Photo album with 10 pictures of individuals involved with Access Works!

Business card for Toni St. Pierre from Women With a Point with handwritten phone numbers
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