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Pamphlet describing correct condom usage and steps to prevent HIV and STDs.

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Educational sheet on how to work with chemically dependent patients.

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Education and instructions for different types of treatment, interventions, drug use management, and client advocacy.

Women with a point business card.pdf
Business card for Sue Power for Women With a Point.

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Sign from Women With a Point bathroom asking clients to properly dispose of needles.

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Two unidentified men distribute matchbooks for Women With a Point.

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Seven unidentified individuals of varying ages pose in a group.

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An unidentified protester holds an upside down sign that reads "Clean Needles Save Lives."

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Educational poster showing a barbie using a syringe that reads "This Woman is a Role Model She's Using a Sterile Syringe."

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Twelve step guide to advocating for and interacting with sex workers positively and effectively.
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