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T-shirt from Shot in the Dark event in Phoenix, Arizona. Graphic of a bird dazed and lying on it's back. Green background with dark gray lettering.

One t-shirt titled, "Got Naloxone", one black hat with a skull and needle cross bones, one red hat titled, "Got Narcan?", one gray t-shirt titled, "No More Drug War," from

Gray Valhalla Place T-Shirt, High Intensity Outpatient Treatment program brochure, Addiction and Mental Health Services brochure, Narcan kit including two doses of Narcan, two syringes, and UV protected carrying bag.

A black and white t-shirt from Positive Health Project that says, "Clean Needles Save Lives." The back has two needles in black ink with "Outreach Team" written in black lettering.

Three t-shirts that read "Access Works 10 Years of Harm Reduction" and are decorated with the Access Works! logo.

Sue Purchase Collection Photos.pdf
Three women pose holding a Women With a Point t-shirt.

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T-Shirt order form for a safer crack use t-shirt.

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T-Shirt design poster of the back side of a t-shirt with educational information about reducing harm that is related to smoking crack.
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