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Copy of HPSCANNER002.pdf
Promotional art print for Access Works advertising for the use of sterile syringes.

Copy of 003_0004.jpg
Sign from Women With a Point bathroom asking clients to properly dispose of needles.

Copy of 003_0007.jpg
An unidentified protester holds an upside down sign that reads "Clean Needles Save Lives."

Copy of 003_0008.jpg
Educational poster showing a barbie using a syringe that reads "This Woman is a Role Model She's Using a Sterile Syringe."

Copy of 003_0009.jpg
Postcard with phone numbers for needle exchanges in New York City.

_Women with a point_ cake.pdf
Photo of a cake that reads "Women With a Point Congratulations 1999 Sue."

Copy of 003_0029.jpg
Political cartoon with commentary on the government's failure to address needle exchange and harm reduction proposed legislation.

Copy of 003_0028.jpg
Newspaper article about needle exchange.

Copy of 003_0023.jpg
Women With a Point brochure providing information about the organization and other important resources.

Informational brochure about AIDS with resources and preventative measures.
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