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Group Interview #2 Audio.MP3
Topics discussed include Street Works outreach program; serving homeless youth; working through the AIDS and Hepatitis C crisis; harm reduction tools; empowering individuals to treat themselves; meeting people where they are at; harm reduction…

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Twelve step guide to advocating for and interacting with sex workers positively and effectively.

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Education and instructions for different types of treatment, interventions, drug use management, and client advocacy.

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Educational sheet on how to work with chemically dependent patients.

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Pamphlet describing correct condom usage and steps to prevent HIV and STDs.

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Magazine edition with illustrations and information about drug treatment.

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Magazine edition with illustrations and information about a do it yourself detox program.

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Magazine edition with illustrations and information about depressant drugs

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Certificate of participation presented to Mikkel Beckmen from Luke Samson and Pat O'Hare from the India 2001 International Conference on the Reduction of Drug-Related Harm

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Educational graphic divided into eight sections concerning male supremacy, sexism, child sexual abuse, rape, battery, poverty, job discrimination, educational deprivation, racism, classism, heterosexism, unequal enforcement of the law.
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