Mikkel Beckmen

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Short form interview with Mikkel Beckmen, items donated by Mikkel Beckmen.


Beckmen, Mikkel

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Certificate for harm reduction training
Certificate of attendance for "Harm Reduction Training: Moving Beyond the Basics" from the Harm Reduction Training Institute presented by Edith Springer to Mikkel Beckmen.

Unconditional Sexual Access to Women Through Prostitution
Educational graphic divided into eight sections concerning male supremacy, sexism, child sexual abuse, rape, battery, poverty, job discrimination, educational deprivation, racism, classism, heterosexism, unequal enforcement of the law.

It Ain't Easy to be a Rock Star
T-Shirt design poster of the back side of a t-shirt with educational information about reducing harm that is related to smoking crack.

Safer crack use instruction
T-Shirt order form for a safer crack use t-shirt.

Certificate of participation, International Conference on the Reduction of Drug-Related Harm
Certificate of participation presented to Mikkel Beckmen from Luke Samson and Pat O'Hare from the India 2001 International Conference on the Reduction of Drug-Related Harm

Interview with Mikkel Beckmen
Subjects discussed during the interview include early 1990s harm reduction in Minneapolis; Catholic Charities’ St. Anthony Residence and Glenwood Residence; harm reduction in Minneapolis’s Native community; the Anishinabe Wakiagun, or People’s Lodge;…
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