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Devich, Stephanie

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Sleep it Off: Know the Signs of Drug Overdose
A poster providing information on the signs of drug overdose and the appropriate actions to take in case of overdose.

No Overdose
Statistics from the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office for overdoses in Hennepin County in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Dangerous drug carfentanil blamed in 5 Minnesota overdoses
Newspaper article describing the deadly effects of carfentanil in Minnesota.

Officer Safety Alert: Carfentanil: A Dangerous New Factor in the U.S. Opioid Crisis
Information distributed to police officers about carfentanil; its symptoms of use, lethality and proper precautions to take in the field .

Naloxone Intake Form
Naloxone training information and distribution form for Valhalla Place Addiction and Mental Health Services.

Valhalla Place Treatment Center items
Gray Valhalla Place T-Shirt, High Intensity Outpatient Treatment program brochure, Addiction and Mental Health Services brochure, Narcan kit including two doses of Narcan, two syringes, and UV protected carrying bag.

Harm reduction gear
One t-shirt titled, "Got Naloxone", one black hat with a skull and needle cross bones, one red hat titled, "Got Narcan?", one gray t-shirt titled, "No More Drug War," from

Overdosing is for the Birds: Carry Naloxone t-shirt
T-shirt from Shot in the Dark event in Phoenix, Arizona. Graphic of a bird dazed and lying on it's back. Green background with dark gray lettering.

Evzio Narcan Training Kit
Four Evzio Narcan training and usable injection devices.
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