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Bethany Zeiler


Short form interview with Bethany Zeiler.

Contributors: Zeiler, Bethany

Jules Friedmann


Short form interview with Jules Friedmann

Contributors: Friedmann, Jules

Susan Phillips


Short form interview with Sarah Gordon and Susan Phillips, items donated by Susan Phillips.

Contributors: Phillips, Susan

Stephanie Devich


Items donated by Stephanie Devich.

Contributors: Devich, Stephanie

Rae Eden Frank


Items donated by Rae Eden Frank.

Contributors: Frank, Rae Eden

Karel Hoffman

Hoffman_Karel DS.pdf

Short form interview with Karel Hoffman and Sue Purchase, items donated by Karel Hoffman

Contributors: Hoffman, Karel

Julie Hooker

Group Interview #1_DS.pdf

Short form interview with Julie Hooker and Sue Purchase, items donated by Julie Hooker

Contributors: Hooker, Julie

Sue Purchase


Short form interview with Sue Purchase and Rae Eden Frank, items donated by Sue Purchase.

Contributors: Purchase, Sue

Gayle Thomas


Items donated by Gayle Thomas.

Contributors: Thomas, Gayle

Lee Hertel


Short form interview with Lee Hertel, items donated by Lee Hertel.

Contributors: Hertel, Lee