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Group Interview #4_ Sue and Rae DS.pdf
Topics discussed include departing from twelve-step treatment model; individual treatment approach; offering services; treating people with dignity and respect; injection drug use in the Twin Cities in 1990s; the problem changing after white people…

One pink and one white set of matches with Women With a Point contact information, safe use information, and syringe exchange information printed on the back. Graphic of a needle on the front. Titled "Clean Needles Save Lives" and "Never Share…

Copy of 003_0023.jpg
Women With a Point brochure providing information about the organization and other important resources.

Copy of 003_0022.jpg
Sue Purchase opens a package at her desk.

Copy of 003_0025.jpg
Educational material for working with clients who use drugs in harm reduction.

Copy of 003_0021.jpg
Sue Purchase, Rae Eden Frank, and an unidentified woman pose together.


Copy of 003_0026.jpg
Educational information about how to best work with participants in harm reduction work.

Sue Purchase Collection Photos.pdf
Three women pose holding a Women With a Point t-shirt.

Copy of 003_0019.jpg
Poster advertising a benefit for HIV/Hep C Awareness and Prevention, Syringe Exchange, and Overdose Prevention hosted by Morpheus Project.

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