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A black and white t-shirt from Positive Health Project that says, "Clean Needles Save Lives." The back has two needles in black ink with "Outreach Team" written in black lettering.

A plaque titled "Midwest Sociological Society's Social Action Award 2005 Access Works."

A framed cartoon with two babies that have contracted AIDS from their parents. One of the children says, "Tell me again why they didn't want the government to fund a clean needle exchange program?" and the other child responds, "It would send theā€¦

A magazine article written about Access Works and the work they do in with drug users.

Article describing the reaction to Minneapolis mayoral candidate, R.T. Rybak's campaign headquarters being next to Access Works! The article is framed and signed by R.T. Rybak.

Article detailing an award given to Access Works! by the Social Action Committee.

Three t-shirts that read "Access Works 10 Years of Harm Reduction" and are decorated with the Access Works! logo.

Harm reduction stickers with text "Demand HIV Prevention Justice" and "Harm Reduction."

Certificate of Appreciation presented to Access Works! for support of the United States Marine Corps Reserve and Toys for Tots.

Postcard with Hepatitis C testing and educational information.
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