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Group Interview #4_ Sue and Rae DS.pdf
Topics discussed include departing from twelve-step treatment model; individual treatment approach; offering services; treating people with dignity and respect; injection drug use in the Twin Cities in 1990s; the problem changing after white people…

One pink and one white set of matches with Women With a Point contact information, safe use information, and syringe exchange information printed on the back. Graphic of a needle on the front. Titled "Clean Needles Save Lives" and "Never Share…

Gray Valhalla Place T-Shirt, High Intensity Outpatient Treatment program brochure, Addiction and Mental Health Services brochure, Narcan kit including two doses of Narcan, two syringes, and UV protected carrying bag.

A magazine article written about Access Works and the work they do in with drug users.

Two Fit Packs for the safe disposal of needles with the materials packaged inside of them: condoms, syringes, cookers, and cotton.

Postcard with Hepatitis C testing and educational information.

Article about Hepatitis C in drug injectors written for NIDA Notes by Josephine Thomas.

Educational handout in both Spanish and English about how needles can spread AIDS, Hepatitis, and other diseases.

Logo design for Access Works! showing a syringe and the words "The Point is Safety."
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