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Backpack with a graphic designed and silk screened by a youth named Marcus Foster.

One pink and one white set of matches with Women With a Point contact information, safe use information, and syringe exchange information printed on the back. Graphic of a needle on the front. Titled "Clean Needles Save Lives" and "Never Share…

T-shirt from Shot in the Dark event in Phoenix, Arizona. Graphic of a bird dazed and lying on it's back. Green background with dark gray lettering.

One t-shirt titled, "Got Naloxone", one black hat with a skull and needle cross bones, one red hat titled, "Got Narcan?", one gray t-shirt titled, "No More Drug War," from

Gray Valhalla Place T-Shirt, High Intensity Outpatient Treatment program brochure, Addiction and Mental Health Services brochure, Narcan kit including two doses of Narcan, two syringes, and UV protected carrying bag.

Three t-shirts that read "Access Works 10 Years of Harm Reduction" and are decorated with the Access Works! logo.

Harm reduction stickers with text "Demand HIV Prevention Justice" and "Harm Reduction."

Blue bumper sticker for Access Works!

Logo design for Access Works! showing a syringe and the words "The Point is Safety."
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