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Group Interview #1_DS.pdf
Subjects discussed include copy of The Statesmen artifact for the History Harvest; Oxford House; experience living in Oxford House; opening a new branch of Oxford House; misquotes in The Statesmen newspaper article about Julie and Oxford House; media…

Hoffman_Karel DS.pdf
Subjects discussed include working at a methadone clinic in Golden Valley; stigma against methadone clinics; serving around thirty patients at the methadone clinic; providing a clean, friendly environment for clients; being in recovery for five years…

Photo album with 10 pictures of individuals involved with Access Works!

Copy of 003_0023.jpg
Women With a Point brochure providing information about the organization and other important resources.

Copy of 003_0022.jpg
Sue Purchase opens a package at her desk.

Copy of 003_0021.jpg
Sue Purchase, Rae Eden Frank, and an unidentified woman pose together.


Sue Purchase Collection Photos.pdf
Three women pose holding a Women With a Point t-shirt.

Copy of 003_0018.jpg
Sue Purchase poses with an unidentified man.

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Two women stand next to a man crouching in front of a mural.

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Copy of 003_0016.jpg
A woman sits in a chair smoking a cigarette.
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